Our Mission:

To teach values and skills necessary for a successful life filled with caring, contribution, and commitment.


To empower each young mother with:

  • The vision to see opportunity within adversity

  • The value of setting goals

  • The courage to succeed

  • The value of accepting obstacles as challenges and not barriers


Our Philosophy:

Today's youth are on the threshold of unprecedented risk. The future of our country depends upon the condition of our children. It also depends on the quality and strength of their families. Many children in our country are deprived of support. They are deprived of life-skills and proper guidance from their families.


Making Miracles Group Home is dedicated to helping young woman reach their greatest potential. Our emphasis is on providing quality care and love. We provide an opportunity to experience a stable foundation empowering women to build wholesome and healthy lives.


Debra Harris - Executive Director

Felicia Bonner & Allyson Ostwalt 

We are here to serve.  Please let us know your questions or to join this mission contact us


 Matthew 20 The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many


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